Concrete Decor

Applications & Artwork

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Concrete Micro-topping

Concrete Design decorative applications with concrete enhance interiors and outdoor spaces. We apply special techniques and methods to created concrete look on any surface - floors, walls or ceilings. Concrete micro-topping decor is made by 3mm concrete mix pasted onto the surface, then sealed with high quality coating for durable finish. Concrete decorative finish is available in one colour or multiple colour applications, shades of grey to concrete with gold, silver and splashes of colour.

Concrete Artwork

We are grateful to work with exceptionally creative clients and designers. Artwork instantly enhances any living space, indoor or outdoor. Concrete art pieces lift landscape design to a new level. We create sculptural installations, wall art, free standing and integrated artwork for residential gardens, as well as commercial spaces, public parks and squares. Concrete Design team works with designers and architects creating original concrete art installations, as well as contemporary design reproductions.

Decorative Objects

Concrete offers endless possibilities, objects are produced in natural concrete colour, painted, applied with gold leaf and silver techniques with textured, smooth or raw finish. Considering our concrete decor items are handmade of natural materials, every piece is unique. Slight variations in finish will occur in production, which adds to the character of each decorative object. 
Pots and planters
Vases and trays
Candle holders
Fire pits and bowls