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Concrete Furniture

Lightweight Concrete or GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete) is an ideal material for furniture manufacturing for indoor or outdoor use. Concrete mix with glass fibers can assume a variety of finishes, made extremely thin in comparison to ordinary concrete, without loosing strength and durability. Furniture design options are virtually limitless.

Dining tables and coffee tables

Console tables and side tables

Sofas and benches

Chairs and stools

Shelving and storage units

Displays and more...

Concrete Kitchens

Concrete countertops are functional, simple yet sophisticated - creating that designer look in any home. Due to exceptional durability compared to other materials, concrete kitchen countertops are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The flexibility of concrete enables to achieve a minimalist contemporary look in any kitchen interior. Concrete kitchen sink, whether a single or double type, can be seamlessly integrated into the countertop, which is made in the workshop as one piece, including drainage slots, trays and other design features. Concrete Design team provides full service - technical consultation, taking measurements, making drawings, production and installation.

Concrete Bathrooms

Modern bathrooms come to life with contemporary interior design features, perfectly created by using concrete. Concrete achieves clean minimalist lines, a combination of industrial and elegant look. Concrete Design produces and installs a variety of bathroom furniture and decor. From bathroom vanities, either with integrated concrete sink, or separate, free standing pedestal wash basins to wall mounted single and double size units - possibilities are endless. All furniture is coated with waterproof sealant application. Bathrooms can further be upgraded with concrete micro-topping decorative application to walls, floors and ceilings.