Concrete Outdoor

Furniture and Decor

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Seating Arrangements

Concrete Design concrete seating options are almost limitless. We work closely with landscaping designers and contractors to ensure the Client's vision is executed to the best ability. Concrete Design team will visit and measure local sites, provide drawings and sketches, coordinate production and installation by Concrete Design specialists. All furniture is coated with weather proof protective sealant application.
Concrete sofas
Poolside Lounges
Sunken Lounges
Stools and side tables

Outdoor Kitchens

Concrete Design team is able to create a variety of bespoke lounging, dining and entertainment spaces in the garden, poolside, or courtyard. Concrete outdoor kitchens and bars are functional and durable. Our team is happy to help from design and planning stage to ensure the best position, size and design of the kitchen. As per the Client's requirements, we produce concrete worktops, bar tops, splashbacks and integrated sinks, as well as shelving and storage units from concrete. Concrete kitchen can be further customised with integrated BBQ grills, built in ice trays, as well as special lighting - fiber optic or LED.

Concrete Planters

Outdoor spaces are enhanced by concrete decorative pieces - sculptural and functional, such as planters and artwork. Concrete Design planters are custom made to the required specifications, size and finish. We can create a raw concrete finish or smooth polished in a variety of shades - from white to light and mid greys to jet black. Special colours can also be achieved with the addition of pigments into the concrete mix during the production, as well as post production staining and colouring. Our team of specialists execute residential and commercial projects, large or small.