Concrete Specifications


Our concrete designs are manufactured using special concrete mix - GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) - a composite of cement, glass fibers, aggregates and polymers.
Cement - special type for the production of furniture.
Clean silica sand - complying with composition requirements and necessary type of sieve.
Glass fibers - alkali resistant, specifically produced for use in concrete furniture.
Curing admixture - reducing the time required to the concrete to set.
Water - potable, free from deleterious material that may affect colour stability, setting, or strength of concrete in furniture production.
Colouring admixture - alkali resistant.
Various techniques are used to achieve desired look - natural stone imitation, such as granite, marble, travertine, limestone, as well as exclusive customized finishes - rustic, smooth and 3D effects.

Concrete artwork by Concrete Design


GFRC mix has unique specific features and is superior to ordinary concrete. Our products are durable, strong, fire proof and flexible in terms of design. 
Fire proof.
Weighs 80% to 95% less than solid concrete.
Easier transportation and installation.
Custom GFRC can be cast to virtually any shape.
A typical mix with 5% glass fiber has a compressive strength of 6,000 to 8,000 psi.
Excellent durability, even when exposed to salt spray or high moisture.
Proven ability to withstand seismic loads and hurricane winds.
Concrete Design concrete furniture is made by hand, using only the best materials and techniques. Due to handmade process and concrete being a combination of natural materials, slight variations will occur between each furniture piece. Every item is made unique and these variations in finish add to the character of concrete furniture.

Concrete furniture by Concrete Design


One of the appealing features of Concrete furniture that it requires little maintenance to keep it looking at its best, especially furniture in the outdoor environment. Whilst furniture made from other materials, such as wood and metal, tend to lose perfect visual and structural appearance over time, concrete products age slowly and gracefully. 
Concrete surfaces should be cleaned as part of general maintenance as and when is required, determined by visual checks. It is recommended that the outdoor furniture and artwork are cleaned after the sand storms or rain, to maintain perfect visual appearance. 
Cleaning should be done with water and soft cloth, if required mild soapy water. No abrasives, chemicals or pressure washers to avoid any potential damage to the concrete surface. 
All Concrete Design products are covered by a special warranty, as part of our commitment to uphold quality standards.

Concrete maintenance